3 servers, one certbot renewal?

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I have three ubuntu servers running (mail.domain.com, web.domain.com, files.domain.com) on 3 different virtual servers. These are running on a physical ubuntu virtualization KVM server. I have certbot running on each server.

My question is: Is it possible to run a "certbot server" that would be dedicated to just renew the certs for all the different servers somehow?

Yes there are way to do it, I recently outlined a few things here: Backend webservers - #18 by webprofusion

To me the easiest method is to renew on a single server using DNS validation, stored the cert the use that cert (and private key) on your servers either by copying the files around or pulling them from a secrets storage service.

I do also have a certificate management service under development that's designed for these types of scenarios via https://certifytheweb.com but it's probably overkill for what you need.


Yes but I see no reason to do so. It's complicated and fragile.

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