Multiple Certificates

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I’m looking for an information I cannot get anywhere for the moment.

Usually we renew our certificate from one primary certbot server through Cloudflare then the files are copied to the others servers by using a script.
I’d like to know if it’s possible to change that method by generating a single certifcate from each server through CloudFlare or is it better to keep our current way to manage our certificate environment. The objective would be that all the servers are not impacted if I have a problem with my certifcate but I’m not sure that certbot can generate several certifcates through the same domain CloudFlare.
Any idea please ?

Cheers and stay safe

If you use dns-01 validation you can have each server with its own cert and key.

Just be careful not to incur in the “duplicate certificate” rate limit (you can avoid it by having each server requesting a certificate (one cert, not two) for the common domain and an unique subdomain)

If your current way is better or not, you need to decide by yourself.

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