Receiving 2 certificates when renewing cert

Thanks for the help, solved this one!

Hi @AckRite,

This error message indicates that Certbot was unable to modify your Apache configuration successfully to pass the challenge. Certbot is supposed to do this automatically and you are not supposed to have to change anything yourself.

Is it possible that your Apache configuration includes a file that defines more than one virtual host in the same file? There has been a Certbot bug which makes Certbot unable to correctly parse files in this case.

hi @AckRite

You seemed to have this solved.

What was the solution?


Yes and no.

On the server itself we have them separated.

On the proxy server we have them in one file.

Should I fix this? I think I ran -webroot or something similar before, should I try beforehand?

./certbot-auto certonly --dry-run --webroot -w $PATH -d /path/to/dir

This command ran successfully, so if I understand correctly, I should replace certonly with renew and remove dry-run, right?

I would suggest running this certonly command once without --dry-run. That should update your configuration permanently.

In the future, you can then simply run certbot renew. It should only renew certificates when they’re near expiry and it should get all of the settings from their saved configuration, without having to specify them on the command line. We suggest running it automatically at least once per day using cron.

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