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I’m so sorry if this has been done before, but I have multiple domains and multiple sans purely for exchange to work. I have done some searching within the site but am really unsure what is required to use the certificates. I have maybe 10 different domains and 3 sans per domain.

I’d really appreciate some help if poss.

Many thanks,



It's easy to get the certificate to work, just install it.

The verification is sometimes people struggle.

Two questions:

  1. Are all SANs and Domains pointed to your server? (Can you perform HTTP based file validation?)
  2. Do you have control to those domains via DNS?

You need one "Yes" from the two questions above to proceed.

Thank you

Yes I have access to both. It’s the process of how I create the certificate with all the domains and sans in?



Hi @stevelith

you have to select a client.


As @JuergenAuer said, you’ll need to choose a client first.
If you wish to use HTTP based validation, you could choose any client you could use in that server.

If you wish to use DNS based validation, you might want to see which client support your DNS provider (API access) since you’ll need to renew it every 90 days and enter one (or two) text record for every domain is just disaster (if you have multiple domains)

Thank you

Hi, this would just be for exchange 2016. Is there a walk through to be able to do it for multidomain and san?

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