More than 90 days certificate


Understanding that Let’s encrypt only provides 90 days lifetime certificate, however, our government will not treat any cert within 3 months expired date as valid cert.

So, is there any ways for us to issue longer issue? or any other suggestions for it?


AlwaysOnSSL (by CertCenter/Symantec/Digicert) is a free/automated CA with 6 month duration certificates. However I believe they are commercial in nature.

I don’t think there’s any exception with Let’s Encrypt when it comes to validity periods.


That’s correct. We only issue certificates with a fixed 90 day expiry and this is unlikely to change to anything longer.


Buypass SSL
6 months lifetime and support ACME but only one domain per cert.


Just curious, can you access their website? It seems down a fews weeks ago for me when they implement new CSP policy.


It looks like CertCenter just randomly pulled AlwaysOnSSL off the internet with no warning a few weeks ago.

They soon after announced some kind of partnership with Comodo, so I half-suspect that they may have done it because of commercial arrangements with Comodo. This is completely uninformed speculation, though.

Edit: They seem to be back: … though their front page isn’t.


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