Lifetime greater than 90 days

How do I obtain a certificate that has a validity greater than 90 days? According to this page:, 90 days is the limit and that’s that. I’ve seen certificates Let’s Encrypt issued for at least a year.

Anyone know how to get one of these 1 year validity certificates?

All Let’s Encrypt certificates are valid for 90 days. Except for the roots and intermediates, they never issue longer term certificates.

Do you remember where you saw it?

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Hi @JDS420,

As @mnordhoff mentioned (Thanks!) Let's Encrypt only issues certificates valid for 90days. I think there must have been some confusion/mis-identification with the certificate you saw, we have never issued a certificate with a longer validity period. Our systems are effectively hardcoded to set the validity to 90 days, it isn't a user parameter.

Hope that helps,

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