Issuing a LE SSL that expires in 24 months or more


Hello all,
Is there any possibility to issue a LE SSL that expires in 2 or 3 years instead of 390 days ?

Any information will be very helpful

Thanks in advance

Pierre Namroud


Hi @pnamroud,

This isn’t possible. Let’s Encrypt only issues certificates with 90 day validity periods.

You can read more here:


Beside the fact that Let’s Encrypt only issue certificates that last 90 days, CA/B forum also does not permit public trusted CAs to issue certificates that last longer than 2 years.


Limit is 825 days (~ 2.26 years) at the moment.


So how do we issue a a 2 years LE SSL ?
Any information will be appreciated



As @cpu already told you: you can’t.

See the aformentioned thread supplied by @cpu


Thank you all for your valuable feedback

I understand now




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