Major ssl issue - another site impersonating ours

our website is blocked by this error and it redirects to the other website because of an ssl error - everything has been working, up until 2 days ago.

I don't see any problems with that site right now. Have you fixed it?

I see HTTP requests to that domain redirecting to HTTPS just fine. And, the cert being used was issued yesterday. You can see your active cert with a site like this SSL Checker

Let us know if you still have problems


got this error today after a checkout transaction:

Is there an example URL that shows the error? Because I am not going to follow some checkout procedure on an unknown website :slight_smile:

Do you configure your own shopping cart / checkout part of the site? Because it looks like a misconfigured system. If someone does that, have you asked them about this?

FWIW, the adambirds site looks like a personal site with someone's CV. That site uses the Cloudflare CDN.


Using Firefox 106.0.5 (64-bit) on Windows 10 I do not see an issue.

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seems to be ok, such a weird thing to happen though!

thank you both for helping!

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Caches maybe?

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I cleared all the caches out.

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If this were a redirect, the address in the browser location bar would change. That isn’t happening.

Instead you’re sharing with us a browser complain that it got a SSL Certificate from a completely different domain than requested.

Usually this happens because both sites are on by the same server OR use the same CDN… AND there is a misconfiguration.

The IP Addresses for both domains are in completely different IP Ranges, so this is not likely due to a server or CDN misconfiguration.

Other possible causes that immediately come to mind are: browser extension malware, compromised servers, and misconfigured/compromised DNS.

Personally- I would do a security audit on the server and your computer, and then check your DNS settings and hosts file to ensure they are correct.


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