SSL ERROR on all my websites

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I ran this command: INSTALLED SSL

My web server is (include version): HOSTINGER HOSTING

My hosting provider, if applicable, is: HOSTINGER

Hi, i am using the SSL on around 86 websites all of them are on Hostinger hosting some of them are of my clients and some are mine. Whenever i open the site it shows rhe ssl error. even the date is correct i have contacted hostinger support and they told me that everything is clear from their site and asked me to clear the cache. I even changed my laptop now because it is affecting my business. Can anyone let me know the cause and solution, please.

I am based in Pakistan

Welcome to the community @ubaidseo001

I ran several tests and all was good but now I am getting 522 and 523 errors from Cloudflare for your domain. These relate to problems between Cloudflare CDN and your Origin Server. See the Cloudflare docs for those.

Before that I did not see anything wrong the SSL for your site. This SSL Decoder test site was good as was my tests at SSL Labs.

Can you better describe the SSL problem you saw?


I am getting ssl error even it is valid. Do you suggest me to contact cloudfare?

There are many kinds of "ssl error". Can you take a screen snapshot and paste the result here?


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