Website not working anymore


I’ve signed in cloudflare for a free plan, and I’ve setting up everyting as required by Cloudflar including
DNS (I used the dns servername from cloudfare) , and used SSL full.
Then I’ve decided to delete my site from Cloudflare. After deleting the site and changing the DNS name server to the original (DigitalOcean nameserver) I have encountered a problem with SSL , when I write , I got this error
( This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.

When I test the SSL certificate using SSL Lab test, I get A, the SSL.
SSL Certificates are exists in the server. Ive tests using openssl command

I really dont know where is the
problem. Any help to solve this issue is appreciated

■Wordpress site
■Server: ubuntu 16.04 LTS / digital ocean.
■SSL: letsencrypt.


The site currently works for me. Any chance this is a DNS caching issue, i.e. the site is still resolving to the previous IP for you (which happens to have this issue)? For me, the domain is resolving to


@ pfg thanks alot , it is really good news that the site is working, it seems the problem only on my computer.


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