Mail received that my cert. expires within 20 day's

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Windows 10
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I have a daily sceduled task to renew the certificate.I use a control panel to renew. This works fine until today. Now i get this email that my certificate will expires within 20 day’s. I didn’t change anything and since august 2017 i have installed the certificate. Never received this mail. Why do i get this message yet. Can i ignore this message?

Can you tell us which one? That is probably the most important detail in this case.

I don't think so, no. Based on | , the latest certificate issued is indeed expiring in 2 weeks.

The Controlpanel is MSPcontrol
I never change anything so why will the renew scedule give some problems?

I’m not sure if something has changed since I last posted, but the site is no longer working over HTTPS:

$ curl -i
curl: (35) OpenSSL SSL_connect: SSL_ERROR_SYSCALL in connection to

This would certainly prevent renewal from succeeding, since you have an HTTP-to-HTTPS redirect in place.

@Virtuworks are you the maintainer for this functionality in MSPControl Panel? Do you know where the users can find debug/troubleshooting logs? I noticed a second thread with a similar issue a day or so ago.

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I had made a ticket to the provider beceause of the problem. The reaction was that MSP Control has an issue indeed. They try te solve this as soon as possible. For the meantime manually re-activate the certificate. They even didn’t know there was an issue.
Tnx for the reaction.

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