Limitation of .jp TLD suffix

As long as I read the document of letsencrypt, it seems that the maximum number of certificates per domain depends are related on the suffix list. It should be related for the domains. But “.jp” TLD seems to be restricted as being bundled one domain. For example, all of DDNS service in japan which have .jp suffiex got already limitation. I’m not administrators of the DDNS service but I hope to use them. Should I ask the administrators for this issue? Or can I request to somewhere to fix the strange restrict?

Definitely not the case.

Yes, this is possible if they are not added to the Public Suffix List. However, if you search the list for jp you will clearly see that it is there.

You should ask the owners of the DDNS .jp domains to apply to the PSL, this is how they can avoid the rate limitations.

For example, if you want to issue and with separate rate limits, then needs to be on the PSL. Hope that makes sense.


Thanks your quick reply. I’ll ask owner of DDNS service to add the domain to PSL.

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The owner send PR to PSL. Thanks. BTW, how long does it take that new rate limit will be enabled?

The big question is how much time will pass before the pull request is merged into the Public Suffix List. I’m not able to speculate about that, but you can look at other recently merged pull requests as examples.

After that, the publicsuffix-go library will be updated, Let’s Encrypt’s Boulder software will be updated, and then Let’s Encrypt will have to deploy it. You may need to ask the Let’s Encrypt developers to perform the update, but that part of the process usually takes about 1-2 weeks.


good to hear that. thanks for your kindness.

I am not sure the PR is in the right format:

  1. The : on the first line has no spaces around it.
  2. The email is not in the proper format (at instead of @).
  3. The email line does not start with Submitted by.

I would guess that it will definitely be rejected in its current state. To save time you might consider fixing these issues before it goes for review.


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