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I have a root domain (for example and I would like delegate subdomains to friends (for example and to different NS).

Will the subdomains have their own letsencrypt limits quotas or will they be subject to the parent domain's letsencrypt limits quotas ?

Thanks in advance.


There are multiple rate limits which have different points to which they count their rate limit. See Rate Limits - Let's Encrypt for more info.

In your case your main limit is the Certificates per Registered Domain.

That said, if the subdomains are delegated to multiple different persons, it's probably a good idea to have your domain listed on the Public Suffix List, e.g., to avoid privacy-damaging "supercookies" being set for high-level domain name suffixes. See for more info. A side effect of having your domain on the PSL is that the calculation of the rate limit for Certificates per Registered Domain is now calculated for the subdomains. Note that this is a side effect and you cannot use the LE rate limits as an argument to include your domain on the PSL.


Hello Osiris,

Thank you for the feedback.

Do i must to add my root domain (In my previous example : to this file: list/public_suffix_list.dat at master · publicsuffix/list · GitHub ?

Subdomains too (In my previous example : and ?

While respecting the process (pull request, etc ...), of course.

Thanks in advance.


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Just your domain name. I'm assuming sub1 and sub2 would be separate users, right?


Yes, sub1 and sub2 are separate users.

A last question, please.

Once my root domain (In my previous example : added in the public suffix file , will the subdomains (sub1 and sub2) have their own letsencrypt limits quotas ?

Thanks in advance.


Yes. would be considered as its' own domain and would be subject to those limits.
[there are always limits]


I have the answers to all my questions.

Thank you very much Osiris and rg305 :+1:


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