Add dynamic DNS domain name to your top level domain list

According to the Rate Limiting section of the Quick Start Guide, each [top level domain + registered domain] is limited to four certificates only. We are a router vendor. We are providing a dynamic DNS service to our customers. We’d like to integrate your service to our product offering. But such limit holds us back. Is it possible to put our DDNS domain name to your top level domain list?

Let’s Encrypt uses the Public Suffix List for this purpose. The linked site describes how you can get your domain added to this list (which is a good idea anyway for DDNS domains, in order to get browser to isolate the scope of cookies).

This process might take a few weeks.

Let’s Encrypt also has an exception form for rate limits in the works, but there’s no ETA for that. I think the PSL is more appropriate in your case.

pfg, your information is very helpful! Thanks!