I installed Windows, IIS, Wordpress, CertifytheWeb, Wowza Streaming Engine. Got Windows, IIS, Wowza, Working good under http://…I installed the CertifytheWeb SSL, Got it working, https:// works, have a green lock… Now I needed to make Wowza work through SSL. Right now my paths are http://www.example.com:1935/Wowza.m3u8...works but when I change it to https://www.example.com:443/Wowza.m3u8 it Error.
So wowza white papers say create a csr file send it to you CA and get a CER back.
How do I get a CER from LetsEncrypt ?

I got to the part where i need to send a CSR and import the CER.
Any info would be helpful.
Thank you,

Hi @NewbieDummy

that's wrong if you use Letsencrypt.

You have to use a client (like CertifyTheWeb) and create a certificate.

So if CertifiyTheWeb has worked with your first domain. Use it again with your second domain.

What's your domain name?

the domain name is louisianadecoys.com I host streaming from my server using a software called Wowza which is just an engine but I can’t figure out how to make the cert attach itself to the engine running on my server. becasue the engine uses port 1935 through the http:// and it works fine but once i change to port 443 https:// it doesn’t work. There isn’t a second domain.

Checking your domain you have a working certificate ( https://check-your-website.server-daten.de/?q=louisianadecoys.com ):

expires in 90 days	
louisianadecoys.com, www.louisianadecoys.com - 2 entries

And your https + www works.

So you have a working certificate.

Then it's only an installation problem how to use that software via SSL. Is there a forum you can ask?

Your http port 1935 works - http://www.louisianadecoys.com:1935/

Wowza Streaming Engine 4 Developer Edition (Expires: Mar 09, 2020) 4.7.7 build20181108145350

Perhaps you need a second port to create the https version.

PS: Googling a little bit has a lot of informations.


You have to create a JKS file from the certificate files Certbot has created. Then you can use it.

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Thank you for the help. Just trying to trudge through this. Thank you.

It would be good to get in touch with the Wowza developer and/or user community for tips on this because it’s not likely that any existing Let’s Encrypt-related software has an automatic integration with Wowza. So you might need to use a PowerShell script or something to automate the various steps in order not to have to repeat the certificate import manually every time certificate is renewed. Some of the developers or other users might have experience with how to make this process more streamlines.

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I am trying to get Wowza involved, they just keep sending me how to docs on linux. I see they have sudo commands to make the proper changes but I have windows IIS and it doesn’t have the ability to sudo command. I’m trying to figure out this issue but unsuccessful so far. I’m reaching out to the letsencrypt community and the Wowza community.



BTW. I have it working with their solution to use streamlock. which isn’t my ssl cert. its on their server.

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