Letsencrypt on Ubuntu Server 16.04.03

Hey there! I’ve got a Ubuntu Server 16.04.03 LTS running Apache webserver and was wondering if it’s possible to get cerbot installed? I’ve tried running “sudo add-apt-repository ppa:certbot/certbot”, as explained here https://certbot.eff.org/#ubuntuxenial-apache but I keep getting following error:

“Cannot add PPA: ‘ppa:~certbot/ubuntu/certbot’.
ERROR: ‘~certbot’ user or team does not exist.”

I’ve googled a bit (… actually quite a lot) but cannot seem to find a good solution for this. + I’m new to the whole linux environment so yeah :frowning:

I wouldn’t want to upgrade to Ubuntu 16.10 just to get it working.
Your help would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Are you sure you didn't run "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:~certbot/certbot" or something?


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So much for my idea.

It does still exist:


I don’t have any other ideas: :sweat: Maybe Launchpad or add-apt-repository are having issues.

The exact same command works fine for me.

Perhaps something is interfering with your outbound connectivity - do you have a firewall blocking outbound connections or something?

@Gomo It sounds like this can happen when add-apt-repository is unable to talk to the server due to proxy issues.

Either way, you may have more luck in an Ubuntu forum. (Or by waiting here for someone other than me.)

@jmorahan No, no additional firewalls as far as I know… I can get updates / install other stuff with no issues. :S (server is directly connected to the internet, no proxies or VPN’s in between.

Fixed the issue. For some reason my “resolv.conf” didn’t have the right DNS entries. Basically,


were missing. No idea how, or why. Thanks for the help tho!

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