Letsencrypt issue and installed date are different

I installed lets encrypt for example.com domain in my Ubuntu server on 13 th may 2019. But i have check certificate details with my domain site on browser, but it showing certificate Begins on 10th September 2019 and expires on 9th December 2019. But i have check with my Ubuntu server (ls -l /etc/apache2/sites-available/example-le-ssl.conf) its shown 13th may 2019. I have checked with crontab -l if any job running, but there is no crontab for auto-renewal. Everything different. Installed one date, certificate begins on one date. How is possible? Can anyone explain me? I would like to after 9th December this certificate will auto renew or not? Its confusing me. Help me

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Are you using Cloudflare CDN?

Did you try reload your webserver?

Did you check that you don’t have duplicate virtualhosts in apachectl -t -D DUMP_VHOSTS ?

We can’t really give you an answer without knowing your domain name.


My domain name is adrodium.com.au. I’m not using Cloudflare CDN. This server launched from AWS Lightsail.

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Its showing about validity


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How are you checking this?

Looking at the history of your domain, it looks like it has been renewing automatically since May.

You can view your current certificates with:

certbot certificates

Assuming that you used Certbot.

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So is this domain renewing automatically? How can I confirm ? Its Production server

It’s renewing because you (or somebody else) setup a Let’s Encrypt client to renew it for you.

Try the Certbot command.

whats the exact command?

Scroll up. I posted it in my second reply.

yes, you have posted

certbot certificates

what will show when you hit this command?

when i hit certbot certificates command on server, it shown like below

All the certs that have been issued, when they will expire, where the related files are, what domains ar covered by each cert, etc.
[lot’s of good information about all your certs]

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Then how can i confirm that certificates renew automatically?

You have:
one cert with www only
one cert with domain only
one with both www & domain.

You probably don’t need 3
But that may explain why you see different expiration dates.

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check your cron jobs

I have checked with crontab. But there is no relevant jobs for auto-renew

It might be running from systemd

How to check that cron running by systemd?

cron and systemd are separate
they do the same thing (more or less)

yes. Is possible to check systemd ?