Letsencrypt Beta: ImportError: No module named pip

Hey there!

after I got the Letsencrypt beta invite, I wanted to use the command I got.
The command was:
./letsencrypt-auto --server \ https://acme-v01.api.letsencrypt.org/directory --help

If I type in this I get this error:

Updating letsencrypt and virtual environment dependencies...Traceback (most recent call last): File "/root/.local/share/letsencrypt/bin/pip", line 7, in <module> from pip import main ImportError: No module named pip

I looked after the path /root/.local/share/letsencrypt/bin/pip and I found this file.
Do you know what I should do?

Sorry if this question is asked often, but I don’t found an answer.

Yours, Janking

I highly advise against running letsencrypt-auto directly as root. Run it as a normal user and it will use sudo for when it needs elevated permissions.

What system are you running this on? It looks like you don’t have the pip tool installed for managing python packages. Most Linux systems have it packaged, and under OS X, it’ll use Homebrew to set things up properly.

I’m Running letsencrypt on a Linux debian root server.
I’ll look if I have installed pip, but I think I have.