Lets Encrypt SSL renewal automatic win simple


I have a Windows Server 2016 server on which I have set up their own e-mail server hMailServer. I have Lets Encrypt SSL installed on mail.isosomppi.fi and isosomppi.fi. mail.isosomppi.fi is a subdomain. isosomppi.fi SSL expires a few days later than mail.isosomppi.fi ssl.

However, I have a problem that I need help with. How could I install the automatic Lets Encrypt SSL replay on my windows server in the easiest way?

How do I set this up? I am a little bad English and it is sometimes difficult to understand. My windows server uses XAMPP technology.

I wish there were friendly people here who would help me to set up automatic Lets Encrypt SSL reload on my windows server 2016 server.

Thank you!

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