Need Help Regarding Let's Encrypt Renewal

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Dear Andy and Seth,

Hope you guys are doing awesome. You’ve helped me earlier in setting up auto-renew for Let’sEncrypt here LetsEncrypt Auto-Renew with Digital Ocean and Server Pilot

I’ve just received an email few days back of Let’sEncrypt certificate expiry and got concerned. So I went on to check my opt/letsencrypt folder.

As you know, I do not know how to handle servers but I had to find my wayout. The crontab is there, so technically it should auto-renew. But I wanted to make sure in case if anything goes wrong then I must be able to take care of it manually.

But today, after logging from root and even serverpilot. I cannot seem to find let’sencrypt folders. I am using Wordpress and iThemes security plugin too. So I tried turning a few settings off to make sure if the folder’s are hidden due to that.

I am clueless and worried about which commands to use to get to that folder to type that renew command. Badly need help before I lose my site!

Hi @newtossl,

According to the previous thread, you should most likely try running

/opt/letsencrypt/letsencrypt-auto renew

I have figured it out, it’s just that it’s been too many weeks so I couldn’t recall it and felt like asking for help from community. @ahaw021 You are right about many things but your way of delivery was very wrong, IMHO.

@schoen Thanks brother.

I was trying to figure out in exploring that directory from both root and serverpilot user. Eventually figured it out and did renew it. It took a while before I realized about cd /usr/… where I found all these folders to renew.


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