Lets Encrypt on Synology Nas

My domain is: simonnewboundnas.synology.me

I ran this command: Mobile apps wont login say certificate fingerprint mismatch also i cant get a secure connection when trying (i changed defaullt port)

It produced this output: says certificate fingerprint mismatch
Error cant connect securly

The operating system my web server runs on is (include version):synology dsm 7,01

i can login to dsm no problem using all broswers. i just cant connect mobile apps or establish a secure domain connection as above

I'm using a dsm control panel to manage my site

thank you kindly simon

@simonn Welcome to the community!

I cannot connect to your NAS to check the cert it sends. I can see in crt.sh that you have issued some Lets Encrypt certificates so that is good. But, we need to confirm your NAS is sending them.

I used this to check your NAS

Please post back when your NAS is running so we can check. Thanks


The NAS is back on. Thank you Mike for your assistance.

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It is not yet visible on the public internet. Is there something else you need to do?

I cannot see it and the site I linked to earlier cannot see it
I see:

21/tcp    open   ftp
1723/tcp  closed pptp
55555/tcp closed unknown

Thanks for the cert test url. I

am now adding port forwarding to the router as sent from the DSM.

Please can you remove my domain url from your message replys.

I have bookmarked the url you sent me for testing.

Thank you Kindly

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