Let's Encrypt isn't available for domain extension .we.bs


I’m just wondering when this will be available for .we.bs extension domain. I can’t get this from my host. Any help, suggestion or guidance with this would be appreciated.


Abd Ur Rehman

Let’s Encrypt has issued many certificates for .we.bs sites, as recently as yesterday:


Let’s Encrypt rate limits domains to 20 new certificates per week:


As .we.bs is not on the Public Suffix List, “we.bs” is considered a domain for rate limiting purposes, and you may find it difficult to issue a certificate. You would have to try again occasionally until you got lucky and it worked.

(On the other hand, if the operators of we.bs have been granted a rate limiting exemption by Let’s Encrypt, that may not be an issue. I don’t know if they have.)

Hi there!

Thanks for your reply!

From the last week, everyday I’m trying to request it from my hosting control panel but no luck. Is there any know date when this limit get rest? So then I’ll try on that day?


You can calculate this date for yourself using the information in @mnordhoff’s post. Also, @sahsanu has written a script that can calculate it for you:

But remember that other people may be trying to do the same thing that you are, and so they may succeed in issuing their certificates when the rate limit resets before you succeed in issuing yours. (A related problem may arise when you need to renew the certificate, although renewals of existing certificates are treated somewhat differently for rate limit purposes.) A better solution would be to get the operator of we.bs to get listed on the public suffix list, which would result in eliminating this particular rate limit entirely for all we.bs users.

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