Legitimate Domain Blacklisted (2)


We tried to request a certificate for support.mail.pe today and we received a “Policy forbids issuing for name” error. Is it possible to get an exception made in this case or should we advise them that they need to use another certificate authority?



Hi @Lobaster,

I believe support.mail.pe is being caught as a permutation of another high-value domain on our blocklist. I will investigate whether we can narrow the block such that you can issue for this domain. It may take some time for us to sort this out on our end, if your client needs a certificate immediately you might be best to consult another CA in the mean time.

I’ll keep you updated when I find out more! Thanks for your patience.


Hi again @Lobaster

We’ve updated the blacklist - you should be able to issue for support.mail.pe now without any errors.


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