Legitimate Domain Blacklisted?

We tried to request a certificate for devnetsupport.cisco.com today and we received a “Policy forbids issuing for name” error. Is it possible to get an exception made in this case or should we advise them that they need to use another certificate authority?


Hi @DarwinDoggo,

This blacklist is not about domains being legitimate or illegitimate but basically about ensuring that we have consent and buy-in from the people who operate particular “high-value” domains.

In this case, Let’s Encrypt is not prepared to issue for cisco.com subdomains without contact from the people responsible for the cisco.com domain agreeing to that. If you think that you can get these people to get in touch to manifest their consent, I can tell you whom they need to get in touch with. :slight_smile:

Thanks @schoen! The Cisco folks are on board. Who should we reach out to?

@DarwinDoggo, could you get in touch with @cpu on this forum?

Hi @schoen, I don’t see any option to directly message @cpu. It could be because I’m a new user and my profile is restricted.

Maybe he can notice that I’ve mentioned him and message you instead!

I received a PM about this thread. Working with it there. Thanks everyone!

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