Is it possible to workaround the blacklist limitation?



We’re trying to issue a certificate for a subdomain of our customer, a big bank. Subdomain is used to build an ideation community using our software.

We’re getting a forbid error due to blacklist, “Error creating new order :: Policy forbids issuing for name”, which as I read is a limitation enforced to prevent fishing. We definitely get that in the case of a subdomain for a bank, but this is a legit service.

So my question is - is there a procedure to manually “whitelist” this subdomain? Anyway we can send information to Letsencrypt to verify that service is legit?

If you need the particular subdomain, I’d prefer to share in a private message, if this is possible.

Many thanks for your answer, and in general for the great great service you’re providing to the Internet in general. A gazillion kudos sent your way.


You may email with your request.


Thanks a lot for the fast response - email sent!


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