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I just received an email saying my certificate will expire in 20 days with 0 instructions on how to renew it, and 0 instructions on the site on how to do so either. You make it very clear that it is a great idea to renew the certificate. Thank you so much, but after 10 minutes browsing your page I still have no clue how to achieve that objective.

There are zero instructions on renewal, because there are roughly 18,000 ways to renew a cert, and the right way for you will depend largely on how you got it in the first place. If you have no idea how you got the cert in the first place, your host likely did it for you, so ask them.

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It seems your cert has been renewed.
crt.sh | bridgegod.com


Thanks to you and Dan, I followed same steps to get my certificate on first place, so basically asked for one. Seems like the proccess did a renew which I had no idea at all untill you just told me.

I expected it to last more than a few months, but not a big issue. Thanks.


The certs are issued for 90 days and are expected to be renewed (automatically) on/after day 60.

Note: A cert renewal my require a restart/reload of the web service (to use the newly created cert).


The assumption is that you'll have an automated task set up to renew the cert every 60 days or so. Better yet, assuming your client is semi-competent, the task would run daily and attempt to renew the cert if it has less than 30 days' validity remaining. Setting that up is client-specific, but it doesn't sound like it had been set up for yours--I'd suggest looking into how to do that.

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