It's still working!

I have posted this before, but once again, to the LE folks, “well done!”. I have Ubuntu 18.10, BIND 9.14.2, Apache, and all the usual stuff, along with Google Domains and DNSSEC.
It took a little work to configure correctly (see but things like
autorenewing the certificates just work, and have worked flawlessly for many months now. Given the many complaints I see on the forums, I want to renew
my position and statement of gratitude. “Well Done, and Bravo Zulu!”. Thanks!


Thanks @buffalo ! :clinking_glasses:

Hehe :slight_smile: The community forum as a place for getting help with problems does tend to over-represent the challenges that one can face getting things working and under-represents the many users who aren’t here because (hopefully!) everything just works. It’s nice to see this kind of post to strike a balance. Thanks again!

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