Ispmanager 5 - Certificates Not Being Downloaded

My domain is:

I apologize for the bad english.

I’m trying to get a certificate for isp5 for a second-level domain for 2 weeks already. I receive an error:
Return code: 429
Details: Error creating new cert: too many certificates already issued for the exact set of domains: ****

On the site certificates appear, but keys on the server are not saved. How can I get .key files with only .crt?

Hi @Relajado,

You can't—the private key is secret and is never in the possession of the certificate authority. If you requested certificates, you should be the only one who possesses the corresponding private key. If you've deleted it, then it doesn't exist anymore.

How did you generate these certificates? What kind of software are you using?

@schoen, I used the letsencrypt module in ispmanager 5

Hi @Relajado,

I guess you should try to ask the people responsible for ispmanager or its letsencrypt module, because it sounds like the module is doing the wrong thing (failing to save the certificates after obtaining them). If the private keys are really not saved by the module, those certificates unusable; the whole point of certificates in the web PKI is that only the private key owner can use the certificate successfully. :slight_smile: So, there is probably a bug of some kind in the ispmanager module if it always fails to save the files that you need.

hi @Relajado

Have a look at this.’s_Encrypt

I notice there is a LetsEncrypt Log tab. Can you have a look and maybe certificate location will be there?


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