Lets Encrypt not working on just one domain


Having a weird problem with one domain (let’s call it: ispdomain.com ) that refuses to generate a Let’s Encrypt certificate for its website

All the other domains on this server and all work perfectly with the automated Let’s Encrypt SSL setting staying ticked and valid certificates issued.

I suspect the problem is because when I installed Ubuntu 18.04 & ISPconfig 3.1.15 I named the server VPSserver1.ispdomain.com and system mail name mail2.ispdomain.com . The problem is limited to the website [[www.]tellgamestop.com](http://www.]ispdomain.com/) even though I have checked the basics:

Client limits:
SSL available
Let’s Encrypt available

Website config ticked:
Let’s Encrypt SSL

No matter what I try the certificate never gets created and the Let’s Encrypt SSL box unticks itself which I think means there was an error while generating the certificate but I have no idea how to diagnose that any further.

If I use a manually generated *.ispdomain.com certificate from sslforfree.com by using _acme-challenge DNS TXT records, then https://[www.]ispdomain.com works perfectly but that is not ideal as it will need re-doing every 90 days.

Another odd thing is if I attach to the server as http: //VPSserver1.ispdomain.com I get the default apache page as expected but if I use https: //VPSserver1.ispdomain.com I get the certificate and website content from the very first customers website that was created. Also if any other client does not configure their site correctly the https responses also default to the certificate and website from the first website created on the server.

Have I made some fundamental installation error?
Can it be fixed without having to rebuild the server from scratch again which would be a nightmare ?

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[but no so much an installation error than a configuration error]

Without seeing your config I can only take a guess...
I think you may be using Apache and it has done its' best to work with the config files provided.
However, you may have some names overlapped, missing, or otherwise have confused Apache to serve the "wrong" content for the ServerName you expected to reach.

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Most likely, yes.
Which web server do you use?

This may come into play:

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