Web server with ispconfig, issue: all websites gives SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN


I have a server with that config: Debian 9, ispconfig 3.1.12 , Apache 2.4
I host there 15 websites, 11 with ssl let’s encrypt and 4 without ssl
Everything was running fine, I uncheck one website ssl let’s encrypt (domain com1accord.be) and check it at new and since that action, this website com1accord.be is working well with ssl but all the other websites are giving an error page with that message: SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN
In fact, they use the com1accord certificate and it is invalid. (for exemple: domain dekodeleau.com )
If I try to go on to the website with a security exception, the result is the com1accord.be page.
And that is the same on all the websites, even on the one that do not have ssl certificate.
Would you have an idea? I am not very experienced with that kind of issue


I’m having problems firstly getting the certificates to work then will get to automating the process. The documentation I have seen so far has been lacking.


Hi @DataGo,

Are you having exactly the same problem as @guyw777? If not, could you please create a new thread and fill out the “Help” form in that thread?


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