NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID with only .org domains

Hey Guys, I’m getting a weird behavior when I setup LetsEncrypt. I have a few .com/.org domains running on same vps. centos6.5/apache I have used certbot to create a certification for each of my domains. the .com domain working fine, but the .org domains I’m getting NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID. I doubled checked the vhosts configurations and they looks fine. any suggestions


It sounds as if the cert is not valid for that domain. Can you give us a domain name that has this issue to look at ?

How did you configure / set up your https ? All three domains are using the cert.

You should also include “SSLEngine on”

See for generating good configs.

I added it to all of them and restarted apache, but nothing changes

Have you got a default ssl file ? if so, what’s in that ?

If you can’t see it - can you do a grep for 443 in your config files, and list the files which include 443 ?

I found the issue, it was a stupid mistake I have made. I forgot to change the port for the ssl configs for these sites. I found it when I ran grep on all conf files and they didn’t show up in the results, now they are working fine, Thank you ServerCo for you help and for guding to to find the problem.

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