Is there a way to see when the rate limit for my domain will be reset?


I was silly enough to reissue several live certificates to my server while doing testing, trying to see if my cron job would actually manage to fulfill the renewal process. It did, which was nice.

Shortly after I decided to ditch my current Apache server and try my luck with Nginx, starting afresh. Being silly yet again I never thought to back up the certificates so I wouldn’t have to make them over again, and now I have to use a self-signed cert for a few days. But how many days exactly?

It’s not a big problem for me right now anyway, but I am still curious; is there a way to see when I can issue a new certificate for my domain? I would imagine that it would be incredibly useful for servers with several admins who might not always know what the other’s have been up to.


Search for your domain name at and you should see when the certificates were issued.