Check on rate limit status for domain?

I’m trying to manage certificates for a domain and set of subdomains at:

I have a feeling i’ve been rate limited for the week because my storage kept failing loosing the certificates. I have it fixed now, but I want to know if it’s possible to find the status of my rate limit? I want to know when my rate limit expires so I can request a new certificate.

Hi @jtcressy,

There are several different rate limits which are described at

The most important one is probably certificates per registered domain. There is a tool called lectl that can look up records from Certificate Transparency to show you where you stand with respect to that limit:

@sahsanu may add code to check for the status of the duplicate certs rate limit. In the meantime, you can get the data for yourself by searching at

(put in your own domain name or a suffix of it right after the %25 in that URL, where the %25 represents the SQL wildcard “%”)

Thanks, it looks like i’ve only made one cert in the past 7 days so it seems to be something wrong with my certbot. I’m going to make sure it uses the staging api for now.

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