Checking Remaining Time on Rate Limit Using Custom Bash Script and

Hi folks,

I reached the ratelimit for a domain.
Is there a way to check the remaining time for obtaining new certificates?


Hi @Sairahcaz,

You can check the issued certs for your domain at then count the last 20 issued certs, take the first issued of that 20 certs, check when it was issued and add 7 days to it and you will have the date when you could issue a new cert.

If you use Linux, you can also use the command line tool lectl and check the domain from command line, something like

./lectl -s yourdomain.tld

and it will show the issued certs for yourdomain.tld and *.yourdomain.tld. If you have reached the 20 certs per week limit you will see at the bottom when you could issue a new cert:

Sorry, you can't issue any certificate, you already issued 20 certificates on last 7 days
You could issue next certificate on [Here the date]



what is this magic :smiley:

Thanks for Sharing

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Wow, very nice. Thank you very much!

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