How can i know letsencrypt remnants limit in time


There is rate limit in Let’s encrypt.
ex )
Certificates/Domain limits how many certificates can be issued that contain a single registered domain. This is limited to 20 certificates per domain per week. Exception: When you request a certificate with the same exact set of FQDNs as previously-issued certificate, this rate limit does not apply, but the one below does.

I want to know remnants limit in time.
how can i know about that?

i am developing with php and lescript client.



There’s currently no programmatic way to get your current usage level in real-time (other than keeping track of it yourself). This might be added in the future, but it’s not being worked on at the moment.

If you want to manually check your usage, you can search for your domain on and count the results. lectl is a tool that lets you automate this search. Note that this site (and lectl) both use Certificate Transparency log servers as their source, which does not work in real-time, so it might take up to a couple of hours for new certificates to show up.


thx for your speedy answer. i have to develop internal logic using your recommending tool. so thank you


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