Where can I see my current rate limits?


is it possible to see how close I am to the rate limits? For example, I request 6 certificates, can I query Let’s Encrypt for how many more certificates I can request (returning 14 at that moment)?


Hi @Takios,

There isn’t presently a way for you to see the state of your rate limit usage.

You will have to keep track yourself as you go referring to the rate limits documentation.

But @sahsanu wrote a very nice third-party tool to do this calculation:


(only for the certificates per registered domain rate limit, not for the duplicate certificates limit)

hi @Takios

I wrote a tools for analysing pending challenges based on a similar concept (i.e. the data was not available from Let’s Encrypt API

If you know what you are doing with Python it should be pretty straight forward to modify

Essentially it looks for Log Files that are less than 7 days old finds a particular pattern (in my case challenges) and then loops through them


Thanks. That seems to be a concept we can work with. Marked your reply as the solution.

Are there plans to include an API call for this in the future?

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