Invalid renew emails?


My domain is:

I’m getting emails saying that my cert for this domain will expire in 10 days but when I try to run certbot (for new certs, or to renew) it says nothing need to be done.

From looking at: Renew email alert it might be ok to ignore the emails, but is it possible to verify that the email is being sent in error? When I hit the site and look at the cert shown in the browser it says it expires in Dec - so maybe all is well. yes?


Hi @duglin,

this is simple: See your active certificates:;include_subdomains:false;

You are using the certificate with four domain names:


created yesterday, valid 2018-12-22.

But there are older certificates with one and two domain names.

If there is a certificate with a set of domain names and without a newer certificate -> a mail is sent.

But you don’t need these certificates, so you don’t need to renew them.

Conclusion: Ignore these mails.


excellent - thanks for the quick reply and great explanation!


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