Installing on an Axis Webcam



I’m using an Axis M1103 network camera and want to ensure the output is served via https. The control panel for the camera allows me to generate certificate requests (in PEM format) and then install the returned certificate, however I’m not clear how to use Let’s Encrypt services to generate the certificate from the PEM file without terminal access.



Whatever method you come up with, you’ll need to repeat it, manually, every 60-90 days, as Let’s Encrypt certs are only valid for 90 days. You may want to seriously consider a different method–perhaps generating a locally-signed cert with a long lifetime.

With that said, if you’re requesting the cert for a public FQDN that you control, you may be able to use a web client like to obtain the cert.


First potential problem:
Does your camera have a publicly trusted fully qualified domain name? This is required for publicly trusted certificates and Let’s Encrypt, while technically possible, doesn’t issue certificates for IP addresses. Only for domain names (including subdomains).


Well I’ve overcome that hurdle. It has a FQDN now…and I have access to the filesystem, after digging around I found an “FTP” option which is now enabled…
Is it still a pipe dream?



Except I don’t seem to be able to create directories using the FTP credentials so can’t use zerossl…


That seems very unusual. What kind of FTP client application are you using? Do you see a permission denied error when attempting to create a subdirectory?


Have you considered DNS authentication?
If you can manually use the generated PEM file to get a cert, you should be able to provide the cert to the control panel manually.
Rinse and repeat every 60 to 90 days…


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