I just need a Cert

My domain is:

The environment has a Custom Page to upload a private Key [.PEM] file....

No Shell access, no ability to install things...

I just want to create a certificate using Let's Encrypt so I can upload the key file to the application....

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If you have an automatic alternative, use it.

Otherwise, you will have to repeat whatever procedure every two to three months.

There are several web clients that allow you to get a certificate, but as I said, they're not suited to automation. Somebody more knowledgeable should probably tell you what the better one is.


@9peppe - thanks for the response.... and yes, I completely understand about automation.... But all I want/need is a 1 shot certificate. Was hoping to use the same vendor as I use for automated situations.... but could nto find a way to:

  1. Enter a Domain Name.
  2. Add a CNAME for "proof of ownership"
  3. Click Button (or type Command).

POOF have a Certificate [.PEM file] that I can upload.

(I can easily do this with other providers - but using different providers increases the cognitive load, as compared to having one place for all my needs)


You do realize it will be valid for 90 days, right?

There are clients that run in a browser, but I don't use them and cannot advice. Wait for somebody else's expertise please. :slight_smile:

If you want to use DNS validation (it looks like you are familiar with some kind of it) you can use any acme client at all. (and that can automate issuance, even if it won't upload it for you.)


@david.corbin Yeah, it doesn't work quite like that. You should review at least the first two topics here:

For people on hosting services and cPanel, this ACME client is often helpful and supported by a regular contributor on this forum. I don't know that this is a good fit for you. But, maybe it would be easier than others since you have to manually upload the cert to your provider anyway.


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