Installing Certificate for self-hosted website on ASUSTOR NAS

Hi There,

I have an ASUSTOR NAS - AS1104T, running the latest OS - 4.1.0.RLQ1
I am running Apache v2.4.54.r16, PHP v7.3.33.r229
My domain is
I am testing running and the hosting the website myself locally on my NAS. It was originally hosted with Squarespace.
I have followed these steps:

When I go to the certificate manager, this is what it says:
Expires: 03/02/2023 AM 02:10
Issued By: R3
Subject Alternative Names: /
Auto Update: Enabled

But isn't working. I'm very new to this. What am I doing wrong?

Thanks all!

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Probably need to portmap port 443 (HTTPS) to the device.


Just did that and it's still not working :frowning:

If port 443 is mapped properly, did you do this from your instructions:

Select the [Enable secured Web server port]. The default port for Web Server HTTPS is 443. You may configure another port if you wish.


Oh my dear god. At the start of that FAQ, towards the bottom it says:
Do not check [Enable secured Web server port] here.
I've just enabled it and it's working. Gawd damnit. Thanks for the help! I knew it would be something simple like that!


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