Install SSL on Hostinger hosting


Hello. How can I install SSL on Hostinger hosting. I haven’t my own server but ssh console from hosting doesn’t support commands from tutorial. How can I get Certificate?

u401619388$ [/home/u401619388/letsencrypt/] ./letsencrypt-auto --help
-bash: ./letsencrypt-auto --help: command not found



Shared or dedicaced hosting?



Oops, i think is shared.


OK, only Business Plan allows the installation of SSL certificate. Is that what you’re doing?


I can install but in SSH terminal, commands aren’t found.
look at screen:


Hey Nicolae,

You should try this one - to get the certificate and install it manually!

I have done using this on my several domains!

eg. My blog here -



HI. thank you very much… I received certificate… but now? I need CRT and Private key on my hosting…


Hey Nitin,
Can you please guide me how to do that?


I just used the client with --manual to get my certificates for Hostinger.


One can do it on a Hostinger shared hosting; hopefully this piece of blog post by me might help.


@kenrick95 awesome blog post, it inspired us to write our own tutorial on this topic:


That tutorial isn’t working anymore.

Here’s the working one.


This site is not working


You have to follow the instruction to install SSL in your blog - here we have make a blog post on it. -


Hostinger has already implemented user-friendly Let’s Encrypt SSL functionality, so it’s no longer a chore to get SSL installed on Hostinger :slight_smile:

Hostinger is great! It’s no wonder Hostinger Reviews are getting so great lately.


If you’re on, you can read this KB to install free Let’s Encrypt on your hosting account
Nếu bạn sử dụng tài khoản tại, bạn có thể tham khảo bài hướng dẫn bằng tiếng Việt này để thực hiện cài SSL của Let’s Encrypt nhé.


Have a look on this tutorial it’s detailed and it helped me