Install SSL for .af domain

Hi to Expert hope you are doing well, i would to install SSL to my domain(mentioned) .af domain as below:

could you please guide me what should I do?

Do you have a specific question about and/or problem with the .af top level domain? Or do you need more generic help with getting a Let's Encrypt certificate?

If it's the latter, I'd recommend the following page of the Let's Encrypt documentation to start with:

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guys my specific question regarding .af domain, my mean Typical SSL will work on .af domain or should i buy the premium one??

just guide me?


I'm not aware of any limitations of Let's Encrypt for the .af top level domain. You should be able to get a Let's Encrypt certificate for your domain.

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thanks dear Osiris but there is some announcement like : Restricted Countries – ZeroSSL

it's decelerating the restriction of some countries

any idea?


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That list is from a different Certificate Authority named "ZeroSSL" and does not represent the policy of Let's Encrypt.

You can read more about what Let's Encrypt is restricting in the following thread:


Dear Osiris thanks, but the problem is with cpanel they told us, according the latest news of SSL and some countries is restricted by SSL. i don't know cuase of the restriction. but the reality is.

then let me know how can able to install the let's encrypt to my clients domain :slight_smile:
thanks for your time.

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I'm not familiar with cPanel, but I do know certificate issuance is done through plugins, which may vary.

If I check the site for a hostname which actually is blocked, we see a big red error:

But if I check your site:

I'm getting a big green bar with "All OK!"

So it seems from the viewpoint of Let's Encrypt there's nothing to keep you from getting a certificate.

It's probably best to check with cPanel support or the support of the certificate plugin you're using.


Hello Dear Osiris could you please guide me how can I use Let's encrypt for my .af domain please. thanks in advance


For that, I'm going to refer you again to the "Getting started" page of the Let's Encrypt documentation:

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I can confirm Let's Encrypt will at least start a certificate order for a .af domain cert, I assume that means it will issue one.

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very good
is useful for me

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