Install Let's encrypt on country .tld

I am using Let’s encrypt successfully on my .com and net tld. I want to know can I install it on country-specific .tld

I want to install the certificate on .pk or domain.


you need to go back and review your statements very carefully

.com is a top level domain and as such you will no be able to issue certificates for it - yes you can issue certificates for this

it’s very unlikely you own every .pk domain

It seems you did not understand my question. I want to know let’s encrypt work for .pk or tld or not ?

I use it with an .de and an .sex domain. So I guess it should work for you too. Can’t see why it would not.


@Tracer, I suppose @shahidirfan is asking just in case there is some kind of sanction over .pk or (Pakistan ccTLDs).

@shahidirfan, no, there is no restriction to issue certificates for .pk nor ccTLDs, indeed here are the last 5 certificates issued by Let’s Encrypt for these ccTLDs.


CRT ID     DOMAIN (CN)                 VALID FROM             VALID TO               EXPIRES IN  SANs
316542294              2018-Jan-30 08:14 UTC  2018-Apr-30 08:14 UTC  89 days
316540040            2018-Jan-30 08:09 UTC  2018-Apr-30 08:09 UTC  89 days
316539498         2018-Jan-30 08:09 UTC  2018-Apr-30 08:09 UTC  89 days
316532820         2018-Jan-30 07:56 UTC  2018-Apr-30 07:56 UTC  89 days
316530906                     2018-Jan-30 07:51 UTC  2018-Apr-30 07:51 UTC  89 days

CRT ID     DOMAIN (CN)                      VALID FROM             VALID TO               EXPIRES IN  SANs
316493882               2018-Jan-30 06:55 UTC  2018-Apr-30 06:55 UTC  89 days
316491257                    2018-Jan-30 06:49 UTC  2018-Apr-30 06:49 UTC  89 days
316469805                    2018-Jan-30 06:06 UTC  2018-Apr-30 06:06 UTC  89 days                                  
316463961                   2018-Jan-30 05:56 UTC  2018-Apr-30 05:56 UTC  89 days                                 
316457932                   2018-Jan-30 05:42 UTC  2018-Apr-30 05:42 UTC  89 days



@sahsanu I had no Idea that there could be stuff like sanctions over tld’s. Thanks for the Info! :slight_smile:

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@sahsanu thanks sir, great help. You reply my questions in details.

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@Tracer There are a couple lists of countries and foreign persons that entities in the United States are forbidden by law to do business with.

That may or may not map to sanctioning an entire top-level-domain. In Let’s Encrypt’s case, they often only block the gov second-level domain and not the entire country’s TLD.


Some more about that topic:


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