How to Install and get Ssl certificate against specific domain?

Please help me out from where i can get the ssl certificate against my domain. Because i already check that key that provided on
Page but its not work at all it gave me error message on my cpanel ssl management page that your given key is invalid. Please help me where i can get the certificate against specific domain. I am using WHM software and my hosting provider is (Fasthosts Internet Ltd). Please let me know if letsencrypt is compatible with this.

Perhaps this page might help:

But I’m getting the feeling you don’t quite understand how SSL/TLS actually works. The certificates you see on the page you linked to are intermediate certificates from Let’s Encrypt itself, only holding the public key of those intermediates. That’s probably not the key your cPanel is asking for.
You might want to read more about TLS and the features it uses: Transport Layer Security and Public-key cryptography.

I know how the ssl is working perhaps i don’t know how the letsencrypt is working. I need to know how can i interact my domain with letsencrypt in order to add ssl. Please guide me how can i interact?

Some links that might help with Fasthosts:

How can I apply for an SSL certificate? -

Setting up shared SSL -

or the Adding SSL to a website section of

Nothing on the support site indicates they support LetsEncrypt.

You might want to ask them directly at their customer support area.


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