How to install letsencrypt with other ssl providers


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We have domains were we installed SSL from other providers. Is it possible to enable let’s encrypt SSL for other addon domains with the same accounts? under the same account.


addon domain1 – SSL with other providers
other addon domains can we have let’s encrypt can we have let’s encrypt

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This is rather a cPanel (I guess) problem.

You can apply for an certificate anytime if it meet the requirements.(can be validated)

It’s your cPanel’s settings to allow install your certificate by other providers.

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Thank you for your response.

Yes, we are using Cpanel and we have settings to allow install SSL.

We have already had a domain with SSL which is installed from other providers.

Is it possible to have let’s encrypt for other domains.

You can apply for a certificate anytime if it meets the requirements.(can be validated)

Please do let us know the steps .



Since you are using cPanel… you might want to use or (I personally prefer

There might be options that let you automate the process… but I can’t find one that works perfectly (from client side)

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If you’re using cPanel, you might also want to ask on the cPanel forums.

Let’s Encrypt has no problem issuing certificates in the presence of other certificate authorities’ certificates (for the same names and/or for use on the same servers). However, the server configuration depends on the software that you’re using. If it’s a question of how to make these things coexist in cPanel in particular, the cPanel forums might be more helpful to you.


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