How to install lets encrypt on a subdomain via cPanel?

Hello, last 2 weeks I installed lets encrypt on my main domain using cPanel and I cannot find a way to integrate the subdomain, is there any solution to do so via cPanel?

There should be a Let’s Encrypt icon in the Security section of your control panel. Click on that and at the bottom there should be a form to request a certificate for the other domains configured in CPanel.

If you do not have a Let’s Encrypt icon in your CPanel, your web host probably uses the AutoSSL feature of CPanel. In this case, the certificates are generated by your hosting provider and there isn’t a self-service function. So you would need to contact your hosting provider to figure out why their automated process is not including your subdomains.

Thanks Patches for your reply, I just contacted my hosting provider and this is what they told me to do:
Have you gone on these steps?

Yes. An addon domain as well as a subdomain is considered an entry on the server so you need to generate a CSR on each and install the SSL.

Please I need some help here, I’m really struggling…

GoDaddy doesn’t support Let’s Encrypt by itself. So how did you obtain your first certificate? According to them you have to repeat that process for all your subdomains.

The best guide I’ve seen for using Let’s Encrypt with GoDaddy’s CPanel-based hosting is here. It requires using the Linux/SSH shell but that enables it to perform automatic renewal so you don’t have to manually deal with it every three months when your certificates expire.

Unfortunately, I don’t use GoDaddy, so I can’t be of much help. :frowning:

I generated again a certificate for both the domain and subdomain and successfully installed it via cPanel and got everything fine, the first certificate for the main domain will expire in 13 January and as for the subdomain it will expire in 23 January… Does this have an impact on my website somehow?

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