I received the help that I needed. Thank you

Problem resolved. Thank you all for your help.

Hi @Ap444,

Your certificate only covers blockchan.com but not www.blockchan.com and that is the reason for the error. You need to issue a new certificate covering both domains blockchan.com AND www.blockchan.com.


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You've issued this certificate for blockchan.com, but not www.blockchan.com. You would need to issue the certificate for both names to be able to go to both versions securely. How did you issue this initially?

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Thanks so much for the speedy reply. I will attempt to figure the rest out.

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Thanks a lot for the help. I’m not exactly sure what you are asking; but I’ll explain what I did:

I just realized: I generated a CSR, only for the domain, blockchan.com. I was wondering why it said “domains.” I only put the one in. Should I then generate a CSR for both?


You should generate a CSR which contains Both blockchan.com & www.blockchan.com

Thank you


Thanks a lot!! I will do so

Quick question:

The first step to take: uninstall the old SSL?

Sorry, one more:

When generating a new CSR: can I type “*.blockchan.com” to cover both the www. and the one without?

I don't use CPanel so I don't know if you need to remove it first or you can replace existing cert with new one, but I suppose you should be able to replace it.

No, Let's Encrypt doesn't support wildcard certificates yet, it will do next week (crossing fingers) but not yet. Anyway, a certificate issued for *.blockchan.com will only cover subdomains not the domain blockchan.com

I figured it all out—it’s working! Thanks again


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