I need a .crt file to send to Web Host

Just Host has an SSL manager through which I can generate a key and certificate signing request. In order to install the certificate, all they need from me is to send their support team a .crt file. Do I need to download Certbot on my local machine to attain this? Should I be using a different method? Could really use some help with clarification in this case.

Thank you in advance

You could do it with certbot, but I’d suggest using zerossl.com if you are going to have to do it manually. Just remember that you will have to repeat the process every ~70 days.

And I have to do it manually given their setup? Is this because I do not have SSH access?

From what you say you have to send their support team a certificate file - so even if you could automate obtaining one on your server - you still need to send it to them. If there is any location on your control panel ? or system you can place the file ( via SSH or some other secure method of copying the file) then it may be possible to automate - it totally depends on your host, and if they allow that.

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