How to create a cert for an existing website

Im really new to this, so i apologise in advance.

I have my website registered to 123 reg, i need to use the method that gives me an SSL file that i can just transfer to my domain as i dont have shell access.

Thanks in advance.

Can you give us more information? Do you have cPanel access or is this a VPS?

Im honestly not sure i just bought the business package from here,

I can log into the 123 reg control panel if that is what you mean.

Have you tried getting in contact with you provider first?
Is there actually a way to transmit the certificates and keys to them and apply them to your domain?

its how to actually use cert bot that i dont get.

Without shell access, certbot cannot be used easily. It is designed to be run on the host which certificates shall be issued for.

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Is there a method for doing it without shell access?

If you don’t have shell access, you would normally get support for Let’s Encrypt via a control panel set up by your hosting provider.

You can also use a third-party web interface like but this can be quite inconvenient because you have to manually repeat the process at least once every three months—and the hosting provider will still need to offer you some means of uploading your externally-obtained certificate. Without the hosting provider’s cooperation, you cannot use externally-obtained certificates on your site.

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I was trying to use cert by using cert bot but I’ll give zero SSL a look

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