HowTo? WIN2008 & Apache?

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I’ve got a WIN2008 Server (VPS) and driving an Apache (x64) with some domains. AT the moment I’m working on a new homepage fpr my home town, based on WoltLab Community Framework. That runs well but without SSL its just an half work, isn’t it?!
While looking around I just find clients that based on combination WIN/IIS that I can’t use; most developer are thinking that WIN only can use IIS?!? Ok, anywhere…

Q: Is there a client that I can use with WIN/Apache? And if not… how can I use it by manual implementation? Is there a HowTo helping people like me up this way?

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Since you’re using a Unixy web server on Windows, I would suggest using a Unixy client that supports Windows like lego.

Download the Windows binary and use it to obtain a certificate, e.g.

lego --email="" --domains="" --webroot c:\Apache2\htdocs --path c:\Apache2\etc\certificates run

Make sure --webroot is pointed to your public htdocs directory and you can point --path anywhere you’d like to store your certificates.

Once you’ve obtained your certificate, you can manually configure Apache to use it. Make sure to use the files in the folder you passed to --path and don’t copy the certificate elsewhere as the guide may suggest so Lego can automatically renew your certificate later on.

Finally, set up a scheduled task to automatically renew your certificate 30 days before it expires:

lego --email="" --domains="" --webroot c:\Apache2\htdocs --path c:\Apache2\etc\certificates renew --days 30

We recommend you run this twice daily, as it will only renew 30 days before expiration, thus giving you 60 chances to fix any issues or wait out any infrastructure issues on Let’s Encrypt’s side.

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… many thx! I will give it a try if the webside in dev online at the correct domain.
Meanwhile I have write it down in a CMD-file and named it create.cmd and renew.cmd that I have simple to call via shell or by WinDoof- scheduler.
So I have try to start the create.cmd and it looks link ok (except the error due wrong URL/Domain)…


You can also look for an “LE64.exe” download for Windows.

Just to insure no inline manipulation.
version 0.27 SHA-256 hashes:
cd1c3fc2281ed39574e05840e3413d118ac0c287e85ab27540ee7c543bdc7098 *le32.exe
995339897b7ac0d79042497a3cebe1a0980013c645dfc57c9f301a379045b026 *le64.exe
560645dd807df193e99180b8f6817134018f952ba8917e3a27751882c505f348 *
28edd8bde11739c0f61209109b055f985318385cd474a2f9e940d3babc82634e *

… ty again. That looks also good. I will try it both if possible; on the 1st view both are near the same. Let us see than which of both makes less trouble :wink:

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